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What Our Clients Say

Our clients sing their praises for script analyses from Story Sense®.

Some script doctors try to shoehorn your story into a one-size-fits-all movie paradigm. They are doing you a disservice. Different genres have different rules. The “hero myth” formula, for example, may work fine with The Lord of the Rings, but it does not necessarily apply to There’s Something About Mary. Each story has its own dynamics.

We will examine your script’s spine, analyze how well each story element serves the theme, and show you how to express that theme more dramatically. Our goal is to help you bring out your work’s full potential. Our clients usually come away amazed by our insights and excited by the possibilities. Here are some of their comments:

I want to thank you for the clarity and eloquence of your notes on Only Son.

— John Pielmeier, playwright and screenwriter (Agnes of God, Flowers for Algernon)

“Brown writes intelligently and coherently, his command of language helping to illuminate his command of craft.”

— Nancy Hendrickson in Creative Screenwriting magazine

(Read her review of Story Sense script analysis.)

“Thank you for your great ideas and editing work on my Identical Opposites screenplay. It has been chosen as an official finalist in the Las Vegas International Festival.”

— Kevin J. Howard

“Michael Ray Brown’s analysis was spot-on and provided me exactly what I needed to make my final polish.”

— Ken Mora (winner, 20/20 Screenwriting Contest)

“Occasionally a script just stumps you. After 12 years of writing professionally, this was my first experiment in turning to a consultant and I wish I had tried it sooner. When you work on a script for months, you can write yourself into a box. Getting a take from someone who will read your script without preconceptions, just as any producer would, is invaluable.”

— Kat Smith

“The insight I’ve gained from Michael’s many years of studio experience has advanced my screenwriting skills tremendously.”

— Kent Probst

“Your notes are awesome. I don’t know how anyone could ask for a more detailed look at their work, or better guidance on what needs to be done.”

— D. Barton Campbell

“What initially struck me was the resource material on his website (access to which was free), accompanied by his lengthy “resume” and outstanding references over twenty years. Along with his competitive, if not superior (low) fees, was this too good to be true? Not, as it turns out.”

— Steve Garry

“Your consultation was instrumental in my contest successes. I even attended the Worldfest Houston, where my script won first place in the family division.”

— Erna Mueller

“I’ve used several script consultants. You certainly provide the most thorough and detailed analysis, and it's very much appreciated — particularly the mark up on the hard copy.”

— Jeff Evans

“Wow. Really helpful to the bone. It feels so deeply useful to have my work seen with the clarity and interest that you share.”

— Deborah Allen

“My script The Devil Protects His Own just won third place in the Applause Screenwriting Competition. You gave me essential notes that helped me improve the script, so let me express my gratitude.”

— Kris Hall

“Michael’s insights and guidance showed me blind spots and deficiencies which I was having trouble seeing. More importantly, Michael offered constructive and creative solutions.”

— Jay Caldwell